Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Things haven't warmed up enough for you to take on any new projects yet but it's definitely beginning to thaw. You can smell a kind of financial spring on the breeze. It makes sense to organize yourself and prepare now, so you'll be ready for honing your rows when the right time comes.

The more you rush on Monday, the less you get done. Try crossing one thing at a time off your list. Then someone's got a surprise in their skill set around Wednesday – and it could be just the complement to the work you've done on your latest project. Use that charm to get them to partner with you. You've got your own surprise up your sleeve at the workweek's end; it's only when you understand and respect the status quo that you can improve on it like this. Put new projects on hold this weekend, though; you'll only have to backtrack due to changing circumstances.

Go alpha in April. You can step into a leadership role, even subtly. People know you know your stuff. Mercury conjoining Neptune especially highlights projecting that credibility to others on April 2.

On the tenth, Jupiter turns retrograde but is beneficial for second chances, for instance polishing rough versions and showing off your expertise. In this light, things are worth a second look, especially during the remainder of the week. Also that day, ruling planet Mercury sextiles transformational Pluto to help you catch mistakes that slipped through the system.

On April 15, fortunate stars shine on a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Take advantage and schedule interviews and meetings.

When Mercury transits Aries the next day, your inquiring mind wants to know. You can do something creative with the information when Venus enters Aries on Saturday. Investigate, ask questions, and solve puzzles. Share the wealth of resources!

The Taurus sun conjoins individualistic Uranus in your sign of expansion on the twenty-second. Life is never without unpredictability - or opportunities. Stay alert over the next four days.

The month ends with Saturn and Pluto stimulating second chances and thoughts while retrograde in Capricorn, your creativity and risk-taking sign. What can you do with the energy in May?