Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

You've been relying on friends and family for support more and more. That's as it should be. The further away you get from money, the closer you get to real value. You should be able to appreciate it by now.

Your workweek starts out fabulously. Monday and Tuesday, you should think of your tasks like those of a landscape painter. You don't have the high profile of a portraitist, but at least you're not totally hitched to the whims of an aristocrat. Your meticulous work will affect and even give pleasure to people for a long time to come. On Wednesday, your progress will be interrupted by a minor setback regarding available finances. You'll still be working through this difficulty Thursday and Friday. Don't allow yourself to lash out emotionally.

Make room for expansion with May’s exciting prospects.

On May 1, Venus is a lucky charm when it comes to changing circumstances in your career sector.

On the seventh, ruler Mercury squaring Pluto accents stealth research and risk taking. This is the universe’s way of helping you shed limiting beliefs that prevent growth.

Major activity begins in your house of expansion when Uranus begins a Taurus transit on May 15, through 2026. What you do through the end of 2018 (especially from mid-May) is important and very positive for you.

That same day, the new Taurus moon is another good omen for new beginnings and exploring new horizons. And Aquarius Mars activates your sector of work routine. Success comes in thinking outside the box.

Successfully stall for time if you need to with the trine between thinking Mercury and retrograde Saturn on the eighteenth. Saturn often leads one back to what one knows is true, btw.

May 21 and May 22 are lucky days of auspicious opportunities. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings.

On the twenty-ninth, Gemini Mercury is on your side as you communicate and discuss ideas.

Next month, you will rethink your game plan in the light of June’s events.