Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Getting your ideas across to a room full of people merely by explaining yourself with words is so uncreative! If you want a deep and meaningful exchange of ideas today, you need to get creative and have the courage to act in an unusual or unexpected manner. You need to get their attention. Sometimes style is as important as substance! It's up to you to push your people into communicating in more creative, meaningful ways.

You’ll be feeling even more powered up than usual to take on your big-picture health and day-to-day housekeeping to-dos while the confident sun moves through your sixth house of wellness from January 20 to February 18. Identifying and trying an innovative strategy, like using an app or another form of technology, could help you make even more progress than you imagined. 

And around January 24 when the new moon is in your sixth house of wellness, as well, you’ll do well to pinpoint a specific routine you’d like to implement and get the wheels in motion. You have everything you need to make the endeavor a success. Because the new moon forms a tense square to game-changer Uranus in your ninth house of higher education, you might find you need to hone certain skills or enhance your knowledge in order to make significant progress. 

When the brilliant sun conjoins your home planet Mercury in driven Capricorn on January 10, you get things done. Communication is on track, allowing you to focus on other more important things. Your main objective should be efficiency.

You may encounter a lot of mental challenges during the Mercury-Saturn conjunction (also in Capricorn) on the twelfth, but luckily, you’re extremely prepared for them. You might think that doing puzzles and playing games has been a waste of time, but they actually help train your brain for real-life situations. Good job, Virgo!

The emotional moon doesn’t know quite how to act when it spends time in your practical sign on January 13, but one thing’s for sure: Your space will certainly be cleaner, neater, and more organized than usual! When you aren’t sure how to act, you busy yourself with things you do know how to do, and all kinds of everyday chores fall into that category!

You’re able to open your mind and see things a little differently than usual under the Aquarius new moon on the twenty-fourth, which is a good thing. If you’ve been unwilling or unable to step out of your usual routine lately, this quirky energy should be a breath of fresh air. Who knows what might happen when you open yourself up to new possibilities?