Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Every revolution begins with one or two people standing up for what they believe in, so stand up for what you believe in today and see what you can get started. Your actions probably won't result in the overthrow of any regime, but it could spark some fascinating conversations that redefine (and improve) some unsatisfying relationships. Act boldly and ensure that no one can ignore what you have to say. Lead the way toward honesty and being real.

Get in touch with your true sense of purpose as the week begins. Monday should give you a good chance to pause, reflect and embrace your priorities anew – but be aware that your renewed perspective could bring you into conflict with others. From Monday night and on through Wednesday, look for chances to travel and expand your outlook, even if it's just a short (or even metaphorical) journey. On Thursday and Friday, use your finely tuned intellect to tackle a pesky problem, but just take care to make sure you communicate clearly. This weekend, enjoy some socializing but look to others for support (especially women and family members).

Mercury, your planetary guide, makes a lot of moves this month, starting with a sextile to romantic Venus on September 3. The dose of charm you get from this transit works in all areas of your life, not just love. You’re particularly good with money – like talking your boss into giving you a raise or getting a great deal on a car.

Venus opposing Uranus retrograde on the twelfth could activate unexpected events or news, especially pertaining to a romantic relationship. If flirting isn’t met with the reaction you were hoping for or expecting, wait until you meet up in a more comfortable setting to try again.

Your concentration increases when a fortunate Jupiter-Mercury sextile occurs on September 16, which helps you in areas like studying (especially memorization) and planning. The future holds some pretty great stuff, Virgo, and this aspect helps you visualize it now so you can obtain it later.

A Mercury-Mars trine on the twenty-third gives you the confidence you need to get your ideas in front of someone who can help you take them beyond the planning stages and turn them into reality. You’re especially good at explaining things that are hard for others to understand, so teaching, tutoring, training, and mentoring come naturally.