Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Convince your people that quality takes time. Some folks are getting antsy, and it's up to you to keep everyone on the same path. Oddly enough, even your quick reasoning won't result in a quick solution right now, so see what ideas everyone else has. This is your chance to lead the group toward solid improvement and build your reputation as someone who really knows how to rally the troops. Gathering input from others is the first step toward being a good leader.

Pouring more energy into your everyday schedule and cultivating healthy habits can feel far more possible than usual is while go-getter Mars is in your sixth house of daily routine and wellness from March 30 to May 12. You just have the bandwidth now to experiment and add more workouts or experimenting with new clean recipes. Being sure to enjoy at least a daily dose of fresh air can fuel you even further.

And from April 3 to May 13, social Venus moves through your tenth house of career, making it even easier to connect with colleagues and higher-ups, especially when it comes to pitching your most creative ideas. Taking the reins on group brainstorming sessions or proposing a passion project can go far to elevate your standing with your superiors.

Your leader Mercury conjoins imaginative Neptune on April 3, allowing your thoughts to drift in and out of reality. At its worst, this transit twists your words, resulting in a lot of misunderstandings.

Mercury enters fiery Aries on the tenth, however, when there will be no mistaking what you think! You have a lot on your mind now, and you don’t have any time for anyone who wants to stand in your way. Your bluntness might be a turnoff to some, but getting your opinions out there for the world to hear is beneficial overall.

The sun pairs up with pleasure-seeking Taurus on April 19, so for the next month or so you’ll be focused on making your life as comfortable as it can be. Surrounding yourself with the finest things you can afford makes you feel good, but deep down you might be yearning for more. Start taking steps now so you can live an abundant life in the future.

A new moon on the twenty-second, also in earthy Taurus, is a great reminder for you to keep working on those goals. This lunation provides you with a fresh start, and the Bull encourages you to take advantage of every opportunity that comes along to help you better your situation.