Virgo | Horoscope Expert


Aug 23 – Sep 22

You could get an interesting invitation today, and it could lead to more interesting invitations down the line, so it's in your best interests to accept it. Just make sure that you have the time it requires before committing. You wouldn't want to have to back out at the last minute. Despite your growing popularity, your mood could be more introspective and quiet today. It's a good time to finish up old projects or catch up on routine tasks.

Your head opens up on Monday, and you have visions of far-off lands. And you start thinking improbably about philosophy. And you try to devise new excuses to express yourself to people. On Tuesday, these impulses graduate into outright soul-searching. Research and analysis suddenly seem fun to you on Wednesday, and a logic puzzle captures your imagination. Thursday and Friday have the potential to be either stellar or stifling, depending on how you play your hand. (Go for stellar. It's an attitudinal thing.) This weekend, you're energized by being around other people.

The combination of money-oriented Venus and innovative Aquarius starting on February 1 gives you the freedom to make some bold financial decisions. You’re typically a lot more prudent with your money, but when you see a good opportunity in the next couple weeks, you’ll want to jump on it. Risks are rewarded now.

A Mercury-Mars square on the tenth makes negotiations difficult, mainly because you aren’t sure of the legal terminology or someone else’s motivations. Always get clarity during this aspect, Virgo, or you’ll end up paying for it later.

A Mercury-Venus conjunction on February 13 is the perfect time to profess your true feelings, and if you’re in a relationship where you haven’t said, “I love you” yet, what are you waiting for? Expressing your emotions is never a bad thing. Try it now.

There’s a full moon in your practical sign on the twenty-seventh urging you to clean up your life. You can take that literally or figuratively because both ways have validity. Clean out a closet or get out of a toxic friendship. At the end of the day, lightening your cosmic load feels amazing.